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Lucy Rennick
2017-02-15T13:59:09+11:00 One In Six People Eat The Same Thing For Lunch Every Single Day

One In Six People Eat The Same Thing For Lunch Every Single Day


Before you eat a sandwich for the third time this week, pause to read the results of a new survey: one in six people admit to eating the same thing for lunch every day for TWO YEARS. If you’re in the Urban Walkabout office, that’s a whole lot of tuna and rice cakes or $3 sushi rolls.  

The survey, conducted by New Covent Garden Soup, found that of 2000 polled in the UK, 58 said they had eaten identical lunch meals for a really long time – as long as they could remember, in fact. Whether borne from convenience, the need to save money, lose weight or simply not knowing what else to have, surely this is no way to live. 

Number one on the list of repeat lunch time offenders was the ham sandwich, followed closely by chicken and cheese sandwiches, baguettes and salad. Pasta, egg sandwiches and jacket potatoes also feature heavily. Of the people surveyed, 81% admitted to feeling bored with their lunch choices. Cue Aladin’s musical classic “I Could Show You The World” – essential listening for anyone who’s been eating egg sandwiches every day for the two years. 

Food psychologist Dr Becky Superman notes those who eat the same thing for lunch every day may be missing out on an essential array of nutrients. “Making small changes, such as trying something new for lunch can – in a small way – help to open our mind to new experiences in other areas of life too”, she told The Telegraph. 

If ever there was a time to mix it up, it’s lunch time. 

Story via The Telegraph 

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