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Megan Anderson
2017-02-16T14:06:14+11:00 Viral Beyonce Mural Defaced Overnight

Viral Beyonce Mural Defaced Overnight


An epic mural of Beyonce's pregnancy photo that covered the five-storey wall of Collingwood burger joint Easey’s has been defaced overnight.

The mural, which was painted two weeks ago by legendary/notorious Melbourne graffiti artist Lushsux (aka. Mark Walls) and was picked up by major media networks such as CNN and the BBC, depicted Queen Bey in all her prenatal glory, covered in a flowing Madonna-esque veil and framed with flowers.

But Easey’s co-owner Jimmy Hurlston says the mural was defaced last night with a can of paint.

Lushsux, who is known for his striking visual commentaries on politics and pop culture, is now calling on his Instagram followers to decide whether he replace Beyonce’s face with Jay Z, Adele, or whether he remove the mural entirely.

Hurlston says public response to the mural has been mixed.

“Some people are fans [while] some people really dislike it and think it’s an eyesore.”

While Easey’s weren’t directly involved with the creation of the mural, they’ve nevertheless received mixed responses from what Hurlston calls “interesting organisations”, such as Beyonce-inspired dance schools. The Beyonce Dance Club even threatened to protest with a flash mob if the mural was defaced.

Apparently (and tragically) that time is now, as Melburnians and the internet begins to express its dismay at the defiling of Queen Bey's image.

Hurlston, who works with Easey’s to support Collingwood’s graffiti and street artists, is fairly philosophical about the damage.

“We all understand graffiti is a transient art form – it comes and it goes.”

Just who will take the place of Queen Bey? Keep up here.

UPDATE 16/2/17: To raise money for the new version of the Beyonce mural, Lushsux is selling 100 limited-edition, hand-signed A3 photo prints of the original mural (plus "some stickers"). Buy them here.

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